online blackjackShould you be a Blackjack player who is looking to start playing this popular and very easy to learn casino card game on any Android device then you may have a few questions in regards to the type of Blackjack variants on offer along with wishing to know the stake levels and playing rules in play on the Android variants of this game. Have a look at this real money blackjack casino sites page to view the list of casino sites where you can play blackjack for real money.

Well it is going to depend on which Android Casino site you opt to play at as there are quite a few different software companies who have designed Blackjack games for all Android users, and as such the rules stakes and types of blackjack games on offer are going to vary.

However after having check through all of our featured Android Casino sites who all offer an Android Casino App we are happy to report the games and variants found are fairly standard ones and as such you are not going to be getting reduced payouts.

The one way some Android Blackjack sites and casinos will reduce the house edge on Android Blackjack games is by lowering the payout odds when you are dealt an unmatched Blackjack hand, so one tip we have for you is to make a note of this payout when you are looking through the many different Blackjack games on offer to Android players and if the payout for a Player’s unmatched Blackjack hand is not 3 to 2 but 6 to 5 instead then avoid playing that game.

Getting 3 to 2 for an unmatched Player’s Blackjack hand is the industry standard payout and anything less is poor value! Also you could also do with finding out just how many decks of playing cards are in the show of the Blackjack game you are looking to play via an Android device as this will have a huge effect on the house edge you are playing against.

So when you are hunting down an Android Blackjack game to play you will be looking to lay single deck Blackjack or a variant which has as fewer decks in the shoe as possible, so make sure this is something you make a note of when playing Android Blackjack.

In regards to hints and playing tips for playing Android Blackjack then one of these we can pass onto you is that whenever you have been offered the Insurance bet by the Android Blackjack Dealer you refuse to take the optional side bet.

Due to the house edge on offer on any Blackjack games Insurance wager including all Android games, if you take and place the Insurance wager you are playing against a massive house edge and that is going to affect your overall, long term house edge on that particular Blackjack game, so never be tempted to place such a wager.