online rouletteOne of the most asked questions regarding playing the casino table game of Roulette on an Andoid device are in regards to the enjoyment factor you are going to be getting due to the small screen that many of these devices have on offer.

When you are playing any Roulette game you will want to see the wheel and the ball spinning around and coming to rest and when you are playing on a small screen device this can often be impossible to do.

However we are happy to let you know that at all of our showcased Android Casino sites including from Australia offering the game of Roulette you are going to find a zoom type window that allows you to clearly see where the ball is and in which number well it has ended up dropping into, and this small but extremely helpful feature is the difference between an enjoyable playing session and one you would rather forget!

As with all Android Casino games there are several different variant of Roulette available to players and it will of course be dependent on which Android Casino site you are playing at that will allow you to play one of several different versions on this game.

If you do come across an Android Casino site offering the American Roulette game, this being a game which has two zeros on the wheel then make sure you avoid playing it, as this game has a huge house edge that will seriously affect your overall winning chances when you are playing it.

The Android Roulette games you should be seeking are either the European Roulette game which has just one single zero on the wheel, or the similar French Roulette game which whilst having one zero on the wheel also boasts an additional playing rule.

The European Roulette game is the one you are going to find on offer at the majority of Android Casino sites and this game offers a standard house edge of just 2.70%. However if you do find a French Roulette game then that offers an even lower house edge and is therefore the most sought after Android Roulette game around.

The unique rules in play on Android French Roulette game will either see all of your even money wagers placed on the Roulette table being left in play on the layout when a zero spins in and this gives you an extra chance to win with those bets, or you may get half of those stakes returned to you as a push type of payout whenever a zero has spun in.

Have a good look around our website as all of those sites we have featured will let you play a Roulette game instantly on any type of Android device or Android phone.