JCM GlobalJCM global has been loyal to the gaming industry in Latin America for over 15 years. Now, it has brought to SAGSE Buenos Aires its leading transaction technologies. The company will be in booth and will be showcasing its award- winning product range that will assist operators to boost their casino floors and upgrade their profit gain to a new stage.

The nature of this arises with the award winning IVIZION bill validator. IVIZION has been signified as the best bill validator in the history of the sector. It has been proven that IVIZION has been proven to be a better, smarter and faster remedy for the gaming sector. The full image of a note or ticket is captured by IVIZION’s Contact Image Sector (CIS) technology. IVIZION has the most loyal counterfeit security, 64 megabit flash memory, an RFID ICB cashbox with encrypted and web- enabled data, a self- calibrating sensor package, ability to read barcodes horizontally and vertically, modular component design, patented and proven removable stacker mechanism, two high-speed processors, sealed 85mm banknote path and blind mate and hot swap design and compatibility with all gaming protocols.

JCM has designed the most advanced iPRO sensing and anti- stringing packages. For the best counterfeit security the seven wavelength optimal and magnetic sensors grant that. Then for the best anti- stringing security the dual exit sensors with anti-stringing drum device grant that too. The IPRO’s sealed bill path ensures durability in the life of the whole unit and keeps dust, light and liquid out.

TBV, Vega bill validators, UBA, the PayCheck 4, HSVL Transformer, EZ- Tear and Spill Proof printers, and the intelligent cash box ICB 3.0 system with web reports will be showcased by JCM. With the power of JCM products your casino floor will be evolved, give it a try

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Posted on: 24th October 2013 by: Gary Beachley