Juniper ResearchGambling enterprises spend billions of dollars to construct mega brick & mortar casino resorts all across the world in an effort to attract clients and build a strong player base. These enterprises spend large sums of money to offer clients a variety of entertainment along with the option of playing hundreds of casinos games on the floor.

Many brick and mortar casinos in Macau, Las Vegas and Atlantic City have reported a significant decline in clients and overall revenue. While there are numerous reasons for this decline, one of the main reasons is due to the competition arising from the online casino industry.

Online casino websites have gained immense popularity during the last few years as more customers prefer to go on the internet and anonymously access these online casinos and gambling from the comfort of their homes.

Market research firm Juniper Research has analyzed the online casino industry and recently announced that the majority of online casino traffic comes from mobile users who download the online casino software on their smartphones and they play casino games on the go.

Juniper Research stated that in 2013 there were approximately 64 million users who played online casino games.

The firm states that these figures will significantly increase in the next 3 years and by 2018, one can expect as many as 164 million users to be accessing an online casino software. The firm believes that the strongest growth in mobile app usage will be in North America and online casinos can expect a lot of business to come their way during the next three years. leads from the front with its unique domain name and is all set to capitalize on the explosive online casino market. A representative from recently said

Our mobile casino offering is better than ever and more and more customers are enjoying it. This year, we have already released nearly a dozen new mobile games and there are plenty more on the horizon. Because of the increase in both speed and quality of mobile devices, we have been able to give players an online casino experience equal to that they already enjoy on their laptop or PC. People try it, like what they see, and stick with it. There is no stopping the mobile revolution and we expect the product to keep improving.

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Posted on: 27th May 2015 by: Gary Beachley