Whilst the number of three reel slot machines found in any of the many Microgaming mobile casino sites, which are available to players via the Android App or mobile casino web browser based platforms, are not huge in number, those they do offer have proven to be very popular with players using the online casino gaming platform which is where these slot games all started out on.

You are not going to find bonus feature games or bonus type rounds on offer on these Android 3 reel slots, but they all offer a fast playing structure and offer plenty of winning combinations listed on their respective pay tables, including some high jackpot payouts.

3 Reel Slots on Microgaming’s Android Gaming Platform

To ensure that everyone who likes playing 3 reel slot games will have a varied selection of such games available to them when playing at any Microgaming mobile casino site, this leading casino game designer has chosen to make the following games available on their Android gaming platform.

Whilst each 3 reel slot game listed below has obviously just three reels, what makes them unique is the number of paylines you can set into play, the stake and payout levels and each one boasts a unique theme. They do however all share something in common, and that is they offer you above average payout percentages, much higher than land based slot games have attached to them!

Bar Bar Black Sheep SlotsBar Bar Black Sheep Slot – The Bar Bar Blackjack slot is one of Microgaming’s Classic slots, and this means you have just one payline that can be set in motion.

It does however come with a Wild symbol which is the Black Sheep reel symbol, and this not only will stand in for every other reel symbol in play on its three reels, but should it help you complete a winning combination, other than the jackpot combination, then that win is tripled in value.

A total of three coins, the value of which are adjustable by players can be put into motion on each spin of the reels you choose to make, and with three jackpots on offer which are 500, 1000 and 1600 coins respectively for a one, two or three coin spin, make sure you play three coins per spin as that jackpot has been enhanced by an additional 100 coins!

Break Da Bank Slot – You can choose to play from one to five different paylines when playing the Android compatible Break Da Bank slot game at any Microgaming software powered mobile casino site, and each individual payline offers a different sized jackpot.

This 3 reel, 5 line slot game also comes with a Wild Multiplier symbol and spinning in one or two of these symbols helping to complete a winning combination will double or quadruple the payouts listed for that combination respectively. The five jackpots on offer on paylines one to five are 1000 coins, 1200 coins, 1400 coins, 1600 coins and 2400 coins respectively.

Cash Crazy Slot – The Cash Crazy Android 3 reel slot game is another single payline Classic slot, and this one boasts a Wild Multiplier symbol which is also the jackpot paying symbol. The number of coins you opt to put into play can be one or two in number and the payouts for a line of three of these symbols is 800 and 1600 coins respectively.

Should one Wild Multiplier symbol help form a winning combination other than the jackpot paying combination, then the value of that win is doubled, get two of these symbols in a winning combination other than the jackpot paying combination and your winning payout is going to be quadrupled. Once again this slot can be played for various stake levels.

Couch Potato Slot – When it comes to high variance slot games, then this is something Microgaming excels in, and one such game available on their Android gaming platform is the three reel Couch Potato slot machine on which a massive jackpot can be won.

The Couch Potato slot has one single payline, so it is in effect a Classic Android slotmachine, however the Game Logo symbol is a Wild Multiplier symbol, one of which in any winning combination will multiply the pay table listed payouts by a huge x5 their normal values, and two of these symbols in any winning combination will multiply that payout by an even larger 25 times its usual value.

You can play one, two or three coins per spin, and you are best advised to play maximum bet spins as the payout for lining up three of the Game Logo symbols on the payline is 2000 coins for a one coin spin, 5000 coins for a two coins spin or a massive 15000 coins for a three coins spin.

Double Magic Slot – This is another 3 reel slot which has just one single payline on offer, you can play one or two coins per spin, with a one coin per spin jackpot being worth 800 coins and a 1600 coin jackpot on offer for a two coin spin, it doesn’t really matter how many coins you set into motion you will get the same expected long term payout percentage playing either format.

The Blue Star symbol found on each reel is an additional Wild Multiplier symbol, and one or two of them helping to complete a winning combination other than the jackpot payout will double and quadruple that winning payout respectively.

Jackpot Express Slot – This game is similar to the Break Da Bank slot game listed above, however this game whilst offering 5 optional paylines does not come with a Wild Multiplier symbol, instead a Standard Wild symbol is fond on each reel.

By opting to play one to five paylines on each spin you make you could win a maximum payout of 1000 coins, 1500 coins, 2000 coins, 2500 coins and 5000 coins respectively. The coin values are adjustable so you have full control over the cost per spin.