As there are never any guarantees that you are going to have a winning session when you are playing casino games either online or in a land based casino or on Microgaming’s brand new Android gaming platform, there is one way which you can be assured of at least having the best chances of winning, and that is by sticking to games which have the lowest possible house edge attached to them.

There are plenty of different casino card and table games on offer at every single gaming venue or site you choose to play these games at, however the savviest of player will track down and play the games which offer the lowest house edges, and for everyone choosing to play at a Microgaming powered mobile casino site there are some games which fit perfectly into the low house edge category!

Card and Table Games on Microgaming’s Android Gaming Platform

To be perfectly honest, the current suite of casino card and table games you can access and play on an Android device at any Microgaming powered mobile site is not huge by any stretch of the imagination, however they do offer some excellent playing and high paying card and table game variants that will also give you a sporting chance of having a winning session.

Below is the current Blackjack and Roulette game variants found at Microgaming powered Android Casino sites along with an overview of the features of each particular game. It is worth pointing out that you can play any of these games as a guest player at no risk, or real money versions of the game are readily available, and various stake levels are on offer on each of them.

European BlackjackMicrogaming’s European Blackjack Gold Android Game – We would love to say that the European Blackjack game available to anyone accessing the Android gaming platform at any Microgaming software powered site is a great game to play, and whilst it does have excellent graphics and a very easy to use set of playing controls, however there is a house edge of some 0.42% attached to this game, and when you compare it to the game below then this is a poor relation to that game due to its slightly higher house edge!

This is a multi stake game and as such you can choose to play it for low stake levels or you may increase the stakes should you be a high rolling type of player, two decks of playing cards are in the shoe which are shuffled before a new game begins.

The game rules are easy to understand and as such you will be able to Double Down when you have been dealt any hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hands, and splitting a hand just once is allowed, the Insurance side bet wager is also offered.

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack Android Game – Should you be a fan of playing Blackjack, and if you have experience of playing the many different Blackjack variants on offer at all online casino sites, then you are probably fully aware that one of the lowest house edge games you can play anywhere is the Classic Blackjack game found only at Microgaming software powered sites.

We are pleased to announce that this particular variant is on offer at all Android mobile casino sites using Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform and as such it is the one game you should be looking to play due solely to the tiny house edge attached to it.

Thanks to the way in which the game is structured, when you play this mobile Android Classic Blackjack game with perfect and optimum strategy you will be up against a house edge of just 0.13% which is tiny, in fact if you compare it to most other Blackjack game variants which offer house edges anywhere from 0.35% to 0.94% you can see why the savviest of Blackjack players tend to flock to play this game!

This particular Class Blackjack variant uses one single deck of playing cards, and with some liberal game playing rules including you being able to Double Down on any hard 9, 10 and 11, along with the standard 3 to 2 winning players Blackjack hand payout then it is a game offering you the very best winning chances.

Microgaming’s European Roulette Android Game – There are several benefits of playing Roulette on an Android device as opposed to playing it on a computer, and the main one is that you are able to tap the screen to place your chips onto the betting layout, and this makes placing all of your wagers much easier than having to use a mouse as you do on a computer.

One question many players have when they are considering playing Roulette on an Android phone in particular is in regards to the playability of the game, as the screen size is much smaller on an Android phone when compared to either a Tablet or computer screen, players are often wondering if they are going to have to make compromises in their playing experience.

Well thanks to Microgaming’s knowhow, they have made a few tweaks to their Android European Roulette game and as such it boasts a special zoom animation and this ensures you are able to see, very clearly, where the ball has landed after it has spun around the wheel, and this means a fully rounded and enjoyable Roulette playing session is guaranteed.

As there is just one single zero on Microgaming’s Android European Roulette table then you are going to be playing a low house edge variant, which comes with a house edge of just 2.70% and when compared to the 5.26% house edge that the American Roulette games some Android Casinos only have on offer that makes it one of the best Roulette variants to play.