Future VisionNet Micro Gaming Entertainment plc has announced the release of its new software that delivers a unique feature allowing players to see their results before they place a wager.

Wouldn’t it be something that you always wanted, a feature that can give you a chance to see the outcome before you place a wager?

The feature known as “Future Vision” will give you a chance to see the outcome result before you wager and charges players a viewing fee of 25 cents. All you have to do is click on the button and you are given three seconds with results displayed on screen showing a win/lose. If the result is a loss players are given an option to skip the losing hand by paying an extra fee of 50 cents.

Dingus McGhee, the NMGE President commented on the reveal of the software and said,

We feel that the new software gaming feature “Future Vision” will change the betting world. It seems like we have found a new playing edge for players and also giving casinos an opportunity to remain profitable. We are currently expecting to deliver this feature on both land and online casinos worldwide.

NMGE is a gaming provider based in Rottenegg, Austria and was established in 2008 with its license obtained in Zinzibar.

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Posted on: 13th April 2015 by: Gary Beachley