A recent report from a research firm indicates that social casino players are now shifting away from multi-genre gaming apps to single-genre apps. SuperData Research, a market intelligence firm for the digital games industry has stated in its Social Casino Consumer Insights report that gamers prefer single genre apps as result of spending more time on mobile phones and tablets than on personal computers.

The percentage of social casino gamers who play games on PCs has dropped to 49 percent, the lowest ever, while those using mobile phones has gone up to 85 percent, according to a recent survey carried out by the firm. The percentage of gamers playing on PCs alone has fallen from 15 percent to just 6 percent in the past year.

According to Carter Rogers, a research manager at SuperData, players on PCs prefer multi genre apps because of the gaming software offers visually exciting casino lobbies. Despite the drop in overall PC gamers numbers, this segment remain the most engaged and profitable of all . According to SuperData, an average PC gamer plays 69 minutes per session and spends nearly $80 per month, as compared to 57 minutes and $40 by mobile gamers.

On an average a PC gamer spends $629 on a multi-genre app and $556 on slots over a period of nine months before switching to a new social casino game. Those playing on mobiles lose interest in games faster, with players switching games every 7.5 months on an average. Mobile players spend on an average $250 on multi-genre and a little more on slot games at $324.

Overall multi-genre games account for 31 percent of total social casino gaming revenue on PCs and in the mobile platform they account for 24 percent. Social casino gaming apps are facing a stiff challenge from online video games according to Rogers. He noted that the improved technology in mobile phones had made games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans more attractive than those available on slots.

Candy Crush Official

This is one of the reasons for the shift recorded in user bases. The number of monthly active users of mobile based casino games has dropped to 84 million in 2017 from 158 million in 2014. In a statement Rogers said,

Phones have gotten more powerful and can run more complex games with better graphics, and that has attracted a lot of the casual social casino players that didn’t spend money.

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Posted on: 8th May 2017 by: Gary Beachley