Do not just jump in and start playing any casino games when playing at an Android Casino site for example in Canada, you will want to have the best winning opportunities and as such this is only going to become a reality if you play the better paying games.

So to give you an idea of the better paying Android Casino games we have listed some of them below, and as such if you see them offered at the Android Casino site at which you are playing at then give them some play time!

Single Zero Roulette – This is the only Roulette variant you should play at an Android Casino, many such sites offer a double zero Roulette game but the games with two zeros have a much larger house edge which affects your long term winning chances so only play the single zero game.

Random Jackpot Progressives – Some of the best paying slot machines are those which offer randomly awarded jackpots, look out for Mega Moolah slot games as these give everyone playing no matter at what stakes the chance of winning one of four progressive jackpots instantly!

Single Deck Blackjack – The best Blackjack games are often those with just one deck of cards in play in the shoe, whilst it will take you a little while to track these games down, once you find them they will certainly give you the very best winning chances, so insist on playing this type of Blackjack variant whenever you play at an Android Casino site.